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Understand, Own, Deliver

Mammoth Consulting Africa
Mammoth Consulting Africa is business consultancy with a difference. We run programmes shaped by your vision and focused growth through investment in employee engagement, ownership and performance.
With a focus on strategic planning and leadership development our engagements are innovative, using a mix of current research and bold leadership to pass over authority, responsibility and credibility to your future leaders ensuring sustainable growth and ownership of your organisations goals.

We deliver a boutique range of tailored training, coaching and consultancy services that equip a re-energised workforce to deliver personal and organisational success.

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Our News
Kigali Office Opens 
2018 marks our sixth year of supporting businesses across East Africa.
This milestone is physically supported by the opening of our first physical office outside of Kenya.
With a growing and business focused economy Rwanda has been hailed the Singapore of Africa due to its corporate environment and ease of doing business.
We look forward to supporting this growth out of our new base in Kigali.
Contact Doutzen Groothof in Kigali, Rwanda, on +250 780 535 710 or on
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