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Mammoth Hunters Coaching is a process that builds on an individual’s capabilities by thought-provoking and enhancing creativity, inspiring them to maximise their personal and professional potential. Coaching accelerates the individual’s progress, by providing greater awareness of the implications of their behaviour and its impact on results. The focus is on where the coachee is today and what they are willing to do to get where he/she wants or needs to be tomorrow.


Coaching’s main focus is personal goals, professional goals and improvement in relationships or networks. It deepens the ability to Lead, Manage and Inspire in work and life roles, and aligns with key leadership competencies including influence and impact, collaboration, developing others, change leadership, social intelligence, self-awareness and communication.


Coaching works because of a few simple reasons: it interrupts your normal pattern creating an opportunity to stop business as usual, look at what is happening and perhaps make different choices. It also works because of the conscious goal commitment and accountability: what you focus on expands, and now it’s not longer something you wanted to do but something you committed to doing. Clarity is another reason. Coaching helps you to define what you want and how you are going to get there. Once defined, the coach helps you move forward with real-time feedback that keeps the momentum going. This works through the process of inquiry: questions and answers are at the heart of coaching - inspiring thought and action.

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