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The Engagement Audit and Territory Mapping Offsite will provide an excellent understanding of the issues, challenges and barriers between your organisation and the achievement of its long term goals. This is crucial in determining and applying the right interventions and in coming up with a tailored and custom-fit Training program that provides your organisation with the needed tools
 to deliver and achieve their goals.


One of the key areas that come out of the two diagnostic processes during most organisation's assessment is that the levels of personal growth are hindered by lack of training.


The  Mammoth team  currently runs one to two-year tailored training for our clients to provide an opportunity for personal and professional development.

Currently we offer four tiers of training:
- Leadership Academy Top leaders and partnership
- Management Development Programme for  future leaders and managers
- Personal Effectiveness Courses for those in need of core business skills

- Individual tailored training

Tailored Training

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