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Engagement Audits

This audit and report is free for CEOs, HR managers, senior leadership and anyone responsible for employee well being or company culture. There is no limit to the amount of employees who can utilise this tool.


If you’ve ever wanted to measure and improve your employees’ happiness and wellness and ultimately their productivity levels, if you’ve ever wondered how to improve relationships between co-workers or with their managers then this report will allow you to utilise hard data gathered by our team.

This information, derived from your business, will provide a better understanding of the ‘state of your tribe’ and should facilitate considered, positive changes to your own behaviour and actions as well as those of the wider company.


Moreover it will create an internal culture that allows your organisation to reach its full potential.

Using this tool you can utilise analysis of your organisation and even benchmark yourself against local companies.


Upon request you can choose to engage us in a deeper analysis or of organisations engagement through a detailed 27 page report on the key areas of employee engagement offering not just detailed and honest feedback from your own employees but measurable and metrics focused on areas that can invigorate your people and your business.


Finally for each metric measured Mammoth Consulting provide, as part of its report, clear actionable solutions that you can start to take advantage of immediately.

To sign your organisation up for free please click subscribe below.

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