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Strategy Mapping

The Territory Mapping process consists of a two/three day offsite that pulls together your key stakeholders and leaders of the future.


The process is essential in helping to understand, translate and cascade strategy down the organizational ladder with an aim of creating long term ownership of strategy. The end result is a team that understands the current state of affairs, owns the strategy and the mission, is certain of where they want to be in future and can deliver to an excellent standard.


It is a process that allows absolute honesty between all members of staff and the partners of the firm. It builds bridges between all levels of hierarchy and, most importantly, it creates a watertight strategic plan where the appropriate responsibility, authority and credibility is transferred to up and coming talent within your firm and supported by the more senior members.


The Territory Mapping process is a team building and strategic tool unlike any other and has been used with companies across the globe from Google to Ferrari.


Used as a diagnostic tool, the mapping leans on neuroscience research to help your staff first understand exactly what they are aiming to achieve as an organisation. Once your key staff, stakeholders and leaders of the future are aligned to and have absolute clarity of your goals then the territory mapping technique allows your staff to plan out a strategic plan while speaking with absolute honesty, internal knowledge and growing ownership.


The process allows three phases of diagnosis; individual, group and organisational, this process means that the levels of ownership of strategic work is maintained from the individual level through to the whole organisation. This process truly engages and brings out the best in your people while also dealing with your most vexing problems by giving authority, responsibility and credibility to your employees.



We understand, and are very proud of the fact, that our process is quite different but the process allows the maximum levels of engagement and ownership as a platform to make real tangible and lasting changes to your organisation.

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