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In January 2017 Mammoth launched our new Virtual Learning Environment.


Much like our traditional trainings this portal will allow you to enroll on a number of in depth and challenging courses. However our new online service is more flexible, user friendly and gives your staff access to hundreds of certificated courses.

Mammoth trainers are able to track everyone's progress, from the time on each slide to the answers you give. This will allow us to see who is flying through and who may need some support and will be available in a report at the end of the course.


Our training team customize and create content specifically for your teams so that each training is tailored and focused on the results you need.

With detailed analysis and regular reports we are able to help you track and link the performance of your staff throughout the year.

Courses are available individually or for whole departments or organisations, on their own or supported by physical trainings too.

Virtual Learning Environment

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